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Oct 9, 2012 5:00am EDT
will also be there after his team attacked mitt romney for a lack of specifics. >> a new poll shows mitt romney taking the lead in the race for the white house. we have the details in this morning's commitment 2012 report. >> tomorrow it is congressman's turn to top foreign-policy. it is of the mitt romney address in virginia. >> these attacks were the the leverage work of terrorists. they use violence to impose their dark ideology on others. >> mitt romney told cadets that americans should be asking questions about how the attack in libya happened as part of his tough critique of president obama's foreign-policy. >> i know the president holes for a steeper middle east. i share this hope. but hope is not a strategy. >> behind the tough talk, he is an erratic and irresponsible. >> mitt romney accused the president of leading from behind as it calls for starter involvement in syria, a bigger push for peace between israel and palestine and tougher talk to prevent iran from getting nuclear weapons. critics want more specifics. >> i think it is full of platitudes and free of substance. >
Oct 8, 2012 5:00am EDT
new polls from gallup and reuters show mitt romney closing the gap that existed before last week's debate. >> a good week last week. no doubt about it. we have to have a good week this week and the week after. we take it one day at a time. >> and today for mitt romney will focus on foreign policy as he's expected to attack the president for being too weak in the middle east. >> in policy, obama has been commander in chief in the last four years. >> romney is coming off of what most observers agree is a small debate performance by president obama. >> 23 million americans out of work struggling to find a good job. he spent the first two years fighting for obama care instead of fighting for them. >> the obama team insisted it was not the real mitt romney or the policies that night. >> this is dishonest. >> not in favor of a $5 trillion tax cut. >> not going to take away from his theatrical performance. he did a superb job. he did everything but learn a tap dance. >> the president poked a little fun at himself at a concert. >> they perform flawlessly night after night. i can't always s
Oct 15, 2012 5:00am EDT
. >> mitt romney spent part of this weekend practicing for the debate in ohio. >> he has to be able to come across as caring and likable. >> the latest polls shows this race is still very tight. not much has changed in the past couple of weeks. more people view mitt romney in a more favorable light. >> is either candidate changing their strategies? >> mitt romney is still working with rob portman. president obama has not made any changes. he's still working with john kerry. he is bringing on a national security adviser. the debate will talk about foreign policy. >> hallie jackson, thank you. more coverage on our website. >> firefighters spent part of their weekend reminding residents about fire safety. we have more on their effort. good morning. >> fire officials want to make sure every home in the city has a working smoke detector. if they don't, it's easy to get one. a makeshift memorial marks the row home where a deadly fire killed five people including four children. >> me and my wife went up there. there are so many balloons and teddy bears and memories of these kids and the grand
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3